Hello and welcome to my healing blog.

After 18 years of healing (working with psychotherapists, spiritual healers, naturopaths, practicing mindfulness, studying, and then practicing natural medicine for 7 years) I can finally say I’m healed, and I finally get to live my life the way I want to.

Unknown to me at the time, in June 2016 I experienced my final healing session which birthed  a new me. Since this transformative day I no longer feel that deep lonely ache that was etched into my heart and soul, I no loner feel sad, angry, depressed, up and down or unstable. These days I wake each morning with peace, calm and happiness in my heart. Even as I write this I can’t quite believe it, because up until now my whole life (33 years), I’d suffered each day with painful emotions that I had very little control over. Honestly I didn’t think I would get here, and many times I just wished it to all end, but to my very welcomed surprise I made it to this happy space!

This is a wonderful achievement, and I often remind myself most people who suffered what I did will never fully recover, and will stay living in the shadow of abuse for the rest of their lives. So it’s because of this I decided to write down my experiences of healing from being sexually abused to offer hope to other abuse survivors, to show you how I healed and to show you it can be done.

This blog is also a great insight to friends, family members and partners of someone who’s been abused. Here you will be able to start to understand what a victim of childhood sexual abuse has to over come, how they feel, and what they will go through before they can find peace. Obviously not everyones experience will be the same as mine but there will be many similarities.

It’s with love I offer you my stories and experiences of how I healed so that you can see it can be done. Even if you decide to read no further I would love it if you could take one thing away with you, which is to know – You Can Heal and Be Whole Again. xx


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