Emergence of a new me

A few months ago I underwent a deep healing that had a profound effect on me. Since then I have been blooming and blossoming into a new healed, whole, and balanced version of me. I’d like to share with you, my observations of what happened and how.

In this healing session with Lysa Black we went through and opened my chakras one at a time, and healed some major soul traumas. I spent the next couple of weeks adjusting to the new energy that was running through my body. Imagine convalescing from the flu; I needed early nights, low stress, healthy food and lots of rest and quite time. After integrating this new energy, I was a changed woman!

Since the healing I’ve been more aware of my chakras; how much energy is running through them, which ones are the most open and closed. It’s been interesting to note which order they have opened, and that with each opening there has been a catalysing lesson. Here’s how it happened…

[1st to open]
Crown/White/7th Chakra: This was open prior to the healing and continues to strengthen.
I had always been spiritual, even in my darkest moments. However the initial thing that strengthened this connection was working with an energy healer called Elayne Edwards. I spent 2.5 years working with her while she helped me heal from the damage of 8 years of childhood sexual abuse. She reorganised my energy systems, essentially relaying the energetic and emotional ground work of me. While working with her I implemented daily meditation (I did this for 6 months) which created a strong connection with spirit.

[2nd to open]
Heart/Green/Pink/4th Chakra: My heart still had a wall around it and was quite closed, even though I’d been working on healing it for many years.
During the session the final healing of my heart was completed, so it beautifully opened and has stayed open since. These days the only time it seems to shut down is when I’m around my immediate family (in my experience family wounding is the hardest to clear as it’s just so confronting).

[3rd to open]
Third eye/Purple/6th Chakra: This was quite closed, however in the session with Lysa it opened up!
So much, that I had a headache for 3 days after, this was due to the new level of energy that was flowing through my 3rd eye. I actually had to close it down a bit before the headache would subside. It’s still open but it still has a way to go. I often imagine it opening more so I can receive more insights and divine knowledge. I had always known I was a bit ‘psychic’ but was never able to get consistency with it. I feel because the majority of my healing had been completed and this had been deep desire of mine my whole life, spirit opened it for me in this pivotal healing session.

[4th to open]
Throat/Blue/5th Chakra: This would fluctuate between way too open and too closed.
Speaking and seeing the truth is one of my gifts and has been since I was very young. I can see through the façade people put up, because of this I would often say things that people didn’t want to hear or acknowledge within themselves. Also because I was emotionally injured from childhood abuse I didn’t have the compassion to say what I saw in a gentle way, which often resulted in me hurting people. Over time I shut this down, so to not hurt people and to fit in.

Last week I got a sore throat and realised this had been going on all year! I reflected upon this, noting that the sore throats started after a breakup. I remembered him saying I was “too opinionated, honest and I needed to learn to hold my tongue”. Wanting to please him and keep the relationship going, I shut down my throat chakra. The truth is he had problems with addiction, I was expressing that I didn’t like it and that he had an issue, he didn’t want to hear this so turned it around on me, saying it was my issue.

I now know it’s a powerful gift I have, and that it’s important for me to express what I see in a gentle, respectful manner (that bit I’m still working on). If I don’t express myself it’s pretty obvious as I end up with a sore throat!

[5th to open]
Base/Red/1st Chakra: This was half open and lacking strength.
After the healing I felt a lot more grounded, I breathed deeper and was more relaxed in my mind and body. My first chakra is the one that’s currently opening and with this a beautiful, empowered, graceful woman is blooming! I’ve never thought of myself as graceful, the fact I feel that says a lot.

This was activated when a friend of mine was talking to me about inner feminine power. She mentioned that we tend to be in our heads and hearts a lot and that a more grounded, less tiring way to be empowered and energized is to come from our perineum (which is where our base chakra is located) – our place of feminine power (the mind is the place of masculine power). This instantly sparked something in me, activating my base chakra and since then I’ve been aware of it becoming stronger.

A few days later another friend gave me a whole new wardrobe! She’s a few years my senior so her clothes are for someone a bit older. It was perfect timing, as I had been struggling clothes-wise since the change from late twenties to mid thirties and couldn’t quite find the right clothes, her gifted clothes were perfect! I put them on and instantly felt more glamorous, wiser and finally my age. These two experiences have really helped me come into my feminine power. Oh and the other fascinating thing I’ve noticed is men I actually find attractive are finally interested in me. Could this be coincidence? Ha I doubt it 😉

[6th – will reactivate soon]
Solar plexus/Yellow/3rd Chakra: This was my dominant chakra before the healing.
Afterwards it became so much smaller that I shut down my business, moved countries and went on holiday for 3 months! I’d been running this chakra on over drive for the past 2.5 years (actually probably my whole life), so I needed a good, long holiday and a break from life to integrate everything (I’m still on holiday as I write this, so it’s not powered up ATM).

It’s important to note that letting this one calm down has allowed all the others to activate, and for me to come into the new me. It will reactivate again in a few weeks but in a much more balanced way when my holidays are over.

[7th to open/yet to open]
Sacral/Orange/2nd Chakra: My 2nd chakra is currently pretty closed, it’s like there are cobwebs in it, and the energy doesn’t flow through there well yet.
This is the chakra associated with sexual expression and enjoyment, creativity, reproduction etc. So being sexually abused for many years and having had quite a few negative experiences with men sexually, means this chakra will need some special attention. So far I have been on a massive healing journey, which is still in process. I’m not surprised to note this is the last to open up and I’m certain this will clear in the not too distant future.

I hope this has been interesting for you to read and that you have managed to take a few gems from my experiences. The main things I got from acknowledging this process are:

  • With every activation came a learning.
  • That each learning was uniquely specific and relevant to me, you can’t get this out of a book.
  • There is no right way or specific time line to healing.
  • Healing takes place as we are ready to heal.
  • The main ingredients required to heal are wanting to heal, and seeking the help of others to assist you.

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